Our Evaluation Process

Our considerations range from viability, safety, fun factor, adventure level, uniqueness and profitability. We say this all of the time, no two trips are the same. Sometimes we work with a trip provider to tweak their existing offering to meet the needs of kayak anglers. Other times we have to put the whole trip together as there may be no operation at all, but we found the right people to make it work for our customers.

We are not a listing company. We don't list names and website addresses of our favorite trip providers across the globe. We are not trying to build a network of 5,000 trip providers simply to have the volume. Instead we want to offer 30-50 locations across the globe with excellent curated fishing experiences. Simply put, we want quality over quantity.

Can We Create A Kayak Fishery

We are extremely passionate about building premium fishing experiences for kayak anglers because quite frankly there are not enough. Though we are not exclusively a kayak fishing company, we sure do have a lot of kayak fishing trips and customers.

Kayakers have the luxury of being able to fish spots that boats can't get to just as well they can target massive pelagic fish offshore. Options are nearly endless, however we have requirements that protect our guests from mishaps and unpreparedness. Getting kayaks in and out, rough/skinny water, animals, offshore support are just a few of the considerations.

Our Checklist

What makes up a premium trip? Here are just a few of the considerations in no particular order.

Visually stunning

Desired location

Target species

Adventure level

Bucket list


Quality gear

Gear maintenance program


Skill level required

Quality boats

Mobility and flexibility

Professional guides, captains and crew

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Kayak Fishing Questions

Do we only do kayak fishing trips?
We don't know much about kayak fishing, will that be an issue?
We don't have any kayaks, do we have to buy them?
Once we figure out the kayak situation, what kind of gear is required?

Evaluation Questions

How much does an evaluation cost?
All-inclusive... what does that mean?
Do meals have to be included?
We just handle the fishing, nothing else... does that mean we can't work with you?

Booking Questions

Do I have to book through Fish Village?
Do you have a booking platform?
Can we use your booking platform?
What are the advantages of allowing Fish Village to book for us?
Can you handle travel arrangements such as airfare, hotel and transfers?