Trip Development

One of our core services is developing trips from the ground up. This means learning the nuisances of a location, identifying customer needs and installing a bullet proof safety program just to name a few. Since so many of our trips are kayak or small boat focused, there will likely be a lot of questions around outfitting kayaks, transporting and launching kayaks and maintaining them.

We are kayak anglers at our core... this means that we understand the needs of a kayaker. Though many kayakers are strong and self sufficient anglers, they still have special needs when compared to someone that is coming to jump onto a boat.

Trip Marketing

We all know the saying... if a tree fell in the woods, would you hear it? It doesn't mean that it didn't happen though. The same goes for adding a trip and not telling anyone about it. Marketing trips, especially kayak fishing trips is our jam. We partnered with the best in the industry, Robert Field of YakFish TV to make trip marketing one of our strong suites.

We take the experience and content from our on-site analysis and we turn it into a YouTube mini-series, social media stories/posts and much more. We produce mounds of content including videos and pictures that help us tell the story. This strategy is clearly the best way for us to announce to the Fish Village family that we are hard at work. Additionally we promote the entire process on our website and social media. We are very transparent in communicating with our customers as it has proven to be one of the best ways to establish and maintain trust.

On-Site Evaluation

Show us your operation. Walk us thru every aspect of the fishing from gear, preparation, launch, fishing, return and fish processing.

We need to ensure that all aspects of the operation supports the customers requirements. Additionally, we capture content required to market to our customers.

YouTube mini-series

We have partnered with top kayak fishing influencer, Robert Field of YakFish TV. He is a principal partner at Fish Village ensuring that he has a vested stake in the direction of our trips.

The result is the best kayak fishing content on YouTube. No question he is number one and no question that he will drive eyeballs to our trips.

Social Media Marketing

Today, a majority of our business stems from social media which makes it one the largest marketing mechanisms in the Fish Village tool kit.

We will create a series of posts and stories for our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter platforms as well as share on YakFish TVs accounts.