Our Travel Agency

We have been booking people on fishing trips since 2010 and up until the summer of 2019, we have not been able to book connecting flights, hotels or transfers.

Now our guests can benefit from a one stop shop that is FishVillage.com. We are now accepting bookings for flights, hotels and transfers.

When you are looking at one of our fishing trips, just let us know that you would like us to handle the travel aspect as well.

Hotel & Lodging

Our service includes booking hotel stays for our guests when it is not included in the fishing package. Often guests will have to fly out or drive down the day before requiring at least a one night hotel stay.

Air Travel

The most common request we get is to book their air travel for their upcoming fishing adventure. We got sick of saying that we can't do that, so we fixed that. We can now book your entire flight schedule or just the connecting flights.

Transfers, Rentals & Car Service

The best plans have all of the details covered. We prefer to help you with every last detail including getting from your home to the fishing destination. We can book a shuttle or a car service to safely get you from A-Z.

We Can Do More

Heading to Panama... we can help you plan a visit to see the Panama Canal or head to Casco Viejo to see the beautiful architecture from the mid 1600's. Coming to San Diego for a multi-day charter, but want to see some breweries? We are just the crew for that. Nothing is too big nor is anything to small to ask for. We are here to help you have fun.