San Diego

Southern California

San Diego is home to one of the largest sportfishing fleets in the world. Anglers come to chase cow bluefin tuna, reel in screaming yellowfin tuna and to yoke on California's favorite... yellowtail. With other fish in the mix, it is no wonder that San Diego is the fishing capital of the west coast.  Fish Village specializes in small group charters working with only the best that San Diego has to offer.

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Geographic Information

CountryUnited States of America
Fishing LocationSan Diego
Body of WaterPacific
Water TypeInshore, Offshore

Average Temperatures

Spring54-60 F67-69 F
Summer62-67 F72-77 F
Fall54-66 F70-77 F
Winter49-51 F62-66 F


Fish Species
Yellowfin tuna
Bluefin tuna
Dorado (Mahi)
Yellowtail amberjack
White sea bass
California halibut


Fish Species
Not currently offered


Fish Species
Not currently offered