Trips Made Easier With Our Payment Plans

We understand that a lot of the best fishing trips available cost a pretty penny. We don’t want to ever say no to a customer simply because the payments are a bit more than they can handle. We have an alternative to no… we say yes.

If the only obstacle that stands in your way of a bucket list fishing trip is an extra payment or two… then we at Fish Village are happy to oblige. To make the most of our payment plan option, we suggest to book early. The earlier you book means that you have more time to pay. If you book a year in advance, we can do monthly payments until your balance is zero.

We help by extending terms automatically to customers by giving them choices on how they pay for their trip:

3-6 months out

 1-2 payments + a deposit.

6-12 months out

 3-6 payments + a deposit.

12 + months out

 Monthly payments + a deposit.

The golden rule about our payment plan option is that no matter what, no exceptions… every trip must be paid in full 60 days before their trip date.

* Not all trips qualify for payment plans, however we do try to accommodate whenever possible and if there is enough time between the initial booking and the actual trip date.