Great Barrier Island

North Island, New Zealand

Haven't heard much about the Great Barrier Islands off the coast of New Zealand's North Island? Well that is OK, it is our job to find unreal places and make them accessible to you. Great Barrier is home to a set of stunning islands that provide a home for 20+ lb. snapper and the biggest yellowtail we have ever seen (except that the Kiwi's call them yellowtail kingfish).

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Geographic Information

CountryNew Zealand
RegionNorth Island
Fishing LocationGreat Barrier Island(s)
Body of WaterHauraki Gulf
Water TypeOffshore, Inshore. Islands

Average Temperatures

Spring57-63 F63-71 F
Summer52-54 F58-60 F
Fall53-57 F60-65 F
Winter57-63 F65-72 F

Reminder to US Travelers: Australia and New Zealand seasons are opposite ours. The seasons listed above are based on US seasons.


Fish Species
Yellowtail kingfish
Australasian snapper


Fish Species
Not currently offered


Fish Species
Not currently offered