We are fortunate to call Robert Field our friend and partner as he helps us evaluate, scout and dial-in kayak fisheries all over the globe. We have already been on a few adventures together with much more planned in the near future. Enjoy this collection of Field Trips with Robert Field presented by Fish Village. We will continue to update this page after each of our adventures.

6.How to make the ultimate ceviche with ANY fishWatch
5.Fishing for bizarre California sheepheadWatch
4.Kayak fishing for big calico bass (Catch Clean Cook)Watch
3.Fishing BIG weedless swimbaits for Kelp bassWatch
2.Offshore kayak fishing for Yellowtail (Catch Clean Cook)Watch
1.Travel to the ultimate kayak fishing lodge on Cedros IslandWatch

Cedros Island, Mexico

October 2019

The band got back together for a quick 4 day trip to Cedros Island Mexico. We came, we slayed, we ate, we filmed and we laughed and laughed hookset after hookset. We wanted to show our customers why we love Cedros Kayak Fishing so much and why you need to join us on these adventures. Jeff Mariani did not disappoint as he is one of our good friends and partner. Check it out for yourself.

Down Under Series: New Zealand

February 2019

Long story short... BerleyPro's Martyn Gittens invited us to join him on a newly established kayak mothership trip out to the Great Barrier Islands. We were keen on it, so we joined.

Robert's video series chronicles our journey as we prove out a fishery and trip provider. The journey was exciting and even thrilling at times. Check out our adventure now.

12.Saying goodbye to the legendary Mokohinau IslandsWatch
11.Offshore kayak fishing extremely remote islandsWatch
10.Catch & Cook: Crazy sea serpent fishWatch
9.Kayak fishing for deep sea monstersWatch
8.Kayak fishing for big yellowtail kingfish offshoreWatch
7.Snapper fishing and big bronzie sharksWatch
6.Kayak fishing 50 miles outWatch
5.Black marlin fishing from kayaksWatch
4.Catch & Cook: Doritos fried flatheadWatch
3.My 1st hammerhead shark & eating kangarooWatch
2.Kayak fishing for sharks & jellyfish attacksWatch
1.The journey 'Down Under'Watch

Down Under Series: Australia

February 2019

We had two major stops on this trip... Australia in search of giant black marlin from a kayak at the famous South West Rocks. Though we didn't catch any black marlin or quality fish, it did not deter us. The adventure, people and experience made this trip one for the record books. BTW... kangaroos are awesome and not delicious.

Petersburg, Alaska

July 2018

Alaska has been on our list since day one. An opportunity presented itself in 2018 to evaluate a location and operation. We had just a few days to capture content, evaluate the location and catch as many new species as possible and that we did. Fishing was on fire... check it out for yourself and enjoy a few laughs while you are at it.

5.Fly Fishing: Big Chum Salmon in a Tiny Alaskan CreekWatch
4.Catch & Cook: Pacific halibut, dungeness crab & butter clamsWatch
3.Pacific halibut fishing on a tiny boat in AlaskaWatch
2.Catch & Cook: Smoked King Salmon (Chinook)Watch
1.The ultimate Alaskan fishing tripWatch
3.Kayak fishing for California sheepheadWatch
2.Kayak fishing for big yellowtailWatch
1.Leopard sharks and calico bassWatch

West Coast Field Trips: SoCal

August 2017

We had the pleasure of kicking off Rob's West Coast Field Trips expedition that started in beautiful Dana Point. He knocked off multiple species including an impressive leopard shark towards the end of the first day. Check it out.