We have quite a bit of info logged on this page for your benefit. We went through 1,000's of emails, social media post, social media DMs and more to put this comprehensive list of frequently asked questions together. This is the quickest way to get answers, however if you need more information and you prefer to hash it out over email or a phone call... contact us.

Booking Questions

I have a group that wants to fish... how does that work?
Do I have to pay a deposit upon booking or do I have time?
If I am booking for a group, do I have to pay their deposits?

Trip Questions

Are kayaks always provided on your trips?
If the trip says all-inclusive... does that mean everything is included?
I have never fished offshore from a kayak... will that be an issue?
I am an experienced kayak angler, can I just fish by myself?

Travel Agency Questions

Can I book a connecting flight through Fish Village?
I will be arriving the day before, can I get a hotel and transfer booked?
Does the price of the trip include airfare, hotel and transfers?
How much does it cost for the additional travel arrangements?

Billing & Payments

Do I need to qualify for Fish Village's payment plan program?
What forms of payment does Fish Village accept?
What is your deposit policy?
What is your payment policy?
Where do I mail payments?
When are final bills due?