Dana Point

Southern California

Dana Point is a beautiful coastal town with it’s own harbor, marina, beach, park and campground making it an ideal place for families, boaters, kayakers and any water loving person out there.

The kayak fishing community is strong in Dana Point and is a great place to learn how to fish from a kayak. One thing is for sure, Dana Point may be a small town, but there is no shortage of fishing trips available to you.

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Geographic Information

CountryUnited States of America
Fishing LocationDana Point
Body of WaterPacific
Water TypeInshore

Average Temperatures

Spring46-53 F68-72 F
Summer56-59 F74-79 F
Fall47-58 F71-79 F
Winter42-44 F65-67 F


Fish Species
Calico bass
Sand bass
California halibut
Leopard shark


Fish Species
Not applicable


Fish Species
Not applicable