Coronado Islands

Baja California, Mexico

Located off the coast of Tijuana Mexico is a series of small islands holding yellow gold and a variety of local staples. A favorite among anglers out of San Diego as you get to sample some Mexican fishing without all the fuss.

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Geographic Info

RegionBaja California
Fishing LocationCoronado Islands
Body of WaterPacific
Water TypeOffshore, Islands

Average Temperatures

Spring52-58 F65-68 F
Summer61-65 F70-75 F
Fall52-63 F69-75 F
Winter48-50 F65-66 F


Fish Species
Yellowtail amberjack
Yellowfin tuna
Bluefin tuna
Dorado (Mahi)
White sea bass
California halibut
Rock cod


Fish Species
Not applicable


Fish Species
Not applicable