Every fishing experience we create must be created by our own experiences.

Mike Ponce - Founder

Our Products & Services

We are here to serve the fishing community by creating unique fishing experiences and having a say in how the whole experience goes down. We will not comprise our ethics for profit nor will we ever turn our back on our customers or our trip providers. The products and services we provide support our mission to deliver the best fishing experiences on the planet.

Trip Booking

Trip booking is our primary consumer facing service. We build trips from the ground up so that you can enjoy them without the stress of detailed trip planning.

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Travel Agency

Why stop at booking fishing trips for people with other charters, guides and lodges? You have to get there right? We have built a customer centric company focused on delivering value to our customers.

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Trip Development & Marketing

We help develop new trip opportunities with trip providers that are willing to be part of the solution. Site evaluation, outfitting service and marketing packages are just some of the services we offer.

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Outfitter Service

We are quite particular about the types of gear that we use on our trips to the point that we started an outfitter division. This division is focused on providing top charters, guides and lodges with quality gear used by the Fish Village crew.

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Retail Platform

With so many great partners and a trusting audience it made sense to create an outlet to connect our customers with the products that we love and use.

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3 Fish Brand

Just like how we only sell premium fishing experiences, we will only brand products that we see as innovative, inspirational or extremely functional.

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Our Trip Specialties


We know the industry well, we know how kayakers think and we know how they like their trips.  We are looking to connect with more charters, guides and lodges that want to offer kayak fishing as an additional revenue stream or as a complete operation.


Our guests want to connect with professionals and learn how to be a better kayaker or fly fisherman. We work with the top guides across the US and beyond our borders to offer unique and bucket list experiences. We sell individual guided day trips and mult-day packages.

Small Group

We specialize in small group fishing for groups ranging from 2-12 people. Our trips include corporate guests, affluent clients, teams, work groups, etc. We know how to plan for these sized groups down to the shuttle. We can charter larger boats to handle bigger groups if necessary.


With the addition of our travel agency, we have been working with more and more affluent customers that demand more from their vacations. Our high profile customers require more attention, a deeper level of organization and a fishing trip worthy of the price tag.

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