From our perspective, what matters to us.

Written By: Michael Ponce
Date: September 29, 2019

Perspectives come in all shapes and sizes and we aren't here to argue that you have to listen to our perspective...

With that being said, we have strong thoughts on what makes a location great. At our core, we sell premium fishing experiences which means that we have to feel strongly about what we do and how we deliver it otherwise we would fail. Theses considerations are what makes our trips so special.

People come back from our trips saying it was exactly what they were looking for or they had the best time of their life and what to book another one.

Does the water have to be turquoise blue like the Caribbean? No. Do the palm trees have to lean over the waters edge for that picturesque view? No. Though these things are awesome and sure make for very cool photos and backdrops, they aren't what makes a location great.

Top Considerations


Finding the right partner to deliver incredible experiences is priority number one. Considering that people make up the majority of our life experiences... it would only make sense that we find the best partners to deliver incredible experiences.

The fishing has to be incredible. It has to offer something unique and be in demand. The location has to provide anglers with a fishing experience that is hard to come by.

Safety is paramount to our operation. If our customers are not safe, we will not release the trip to the public. We invest in the best gear, clothing and equipment for starters. We scout every location and work with the trip providers to develop the best safety plan to ensure your well being.

These are just a few of the factors that make up our bucket list trips. We take our jobs seriously and we sincerely enjoy arranging the best fishing experiences we can dream up.

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