3 Trips, 3 Different Stories

Written By: Michael Ponce
Date: July 2, 2019

This year's San Clemente Island 2.5 day kayak mothership trips were off the charts. We had so much interest we filled three (3) trips this year. With all the added iinterest, we felt it necessary to head down to San Diego each week to send off our group. The result was fantastic feedback, epic photos and a sense that our customers really appreciate what we bring to the table.

6/13 - 6/16 group

The first group aptly named the Central Coast group did well with quality yellowtail fishing. Often the island produces a few good yellows per trip, but these guys saw better than average numbers. They came home hooting and hollering saying that they are coming back and that they want their own boat again next year.

We want to thank Ryan Howell of CCKF805 for a few well timed social media posts that essentially filled this trip up within a matter of days. 

6/20 - 6/23 group

The second group (my group) was filled with a bunch of good local dudes from San Diego and Orange County. Lots of friends of Pure Watersports of Dana Point.

The weather was perfect for long days on the water. If you put your time in, you came home with limits of assorted fish bags. Quality 5 lb. + calico bass specimens, a couple good sized halibut (including the jackpot winner) and a mix of yellows. Everyone came home with bags of fish, full bellies and solid memories of another good trip.

6/27 - 6/30 group

Our last group led by Tim Boyer of Pure Watersports found themselves in an interesting position... one that could have changed offshore kayak fishing forever.

On their first day of fishing, they ran into a few schools of very large 150 lb. + bluefin tuna and they were chewing. At one point the radios were buzzing with chatter about multiple hook-ups and anglers getting busted off left and right. Our very own Charlie Wardle fought a big bluefin for nearly two (2) hours before his 30 lb. leader gave way. Leo W. took the cake with an honorable five (5) hour fight with a beast of a bluefin before his leader failed.

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