The Fred Hall Show 2019 has come and gone

Written By: Joseph Martinez
Date: March 14, 2019

Every March comes too early knowing that we have to show at the Fred Hall Show in Long Beach. The show means a week of walking, talking and late night dinners with our industry friends. This year we had our usual encounters with our good friends from Above the Hook Productions out of Central Coast California... the show wouldn't be the same if we didn't see them rolling through before they hit La Jolla.

We had a surprise visit from a New Zealand connection. This young guy named Drew from New Zealand walked right up to Mike and told him that he knew Marty (from BerleyPro). What a small world. He was visiting the States and drove up from San Diego to meet us. How cool is that?

Additionally, Fish Village team members Tommy Ponce and Charlie Wardle gave seminars on Fish Village trips, bass tactics and spearfishing from a kayak. It is always nice seeing them up on the stage dropping knowledge.

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