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Written By: Michael Ponce
Date: January 16, 2020

We wanted to make a big splash this year and show the industry that we mean business. We wanted to provide opportunities for some that are just getting started in the industry and we wanted to pair up with some leaders as well. Well... I kinda think we nailed it!

We were absolutely blown away with the 70 + applications submitted. After heavy deliberation we landed on 18 fishing team members. Isn't that nuts?

Our team grew from a handful to a proper village sized fishing team. We have people from all over the United States and internationally with a few blokes from Australia and New Zealand. And to top it off... we have members of our US military on our team. So much to look forward to in 2020.

Please welcome:

Captains Team

Ivy HarrisCentral Florida (US)
Brian NelliSouth Florida (US)
Derrick BentonPanhandle Florida (US)
Marty GittensMelbourne (Australia)

Trip Ambassadors

Ryan HowellCentral Coast California (US)
Jesse LandryNorthern California (US)

Tournament Ambassadors

Billy CentroneSouth Florida (US)
Sean RigbyMississippi (US)
Paul RountreeNorth Island (New Zealand)

Brand Ambassadors

Charlie WardleSouthern California (US)
Tommy PonceSouthern California (US)
Scott BryantBrisbane (Australia)
Brandon BartonPanhandle Florida (US)
Eric MuhoberacSouth Louisiana (US)
Kyle ZemkeIdaho (US)
Frank RoznosSouthern California (US)
Kaleb KvartekPanhandle Florida (US)
Bryan HildeberandtSouthern California (US)

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