2018 Fishing with Friends dates are out

Written By: Joseph Martinez
Date: March 1, 2018

We are excited to announce the 2018 dates for the Fishing with Friends tournament series. This fun series is simple and a perfect place to test your competitive spirit without having to get too serious about a tournament event.

Come on down and enjoy the fun with us. Fish Village often has more than one team member present at each event. The format is simple, it is $10 to participate with an optional $5 big bass buy-in. Winner take-all for largest fish excluding sharks, skates, rays and whales (you gotta leave the whales alone). All events are hosted on a Saturday.

- March 24
- April 21
- May 19
- June 9
- August 11
- September 15
- October 13
- November 10
- December 8

These dates are always available in the Company Info section located in the footer (bottom) of the website.

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