Trip Planning

Trip Planning

Our primary service offering is a growing collection of fishing trips where anglers can search and find their next fishing trip and secure it with usually just a deposit. Our network of trip providers, partners and friends are growing by the day which means our value is growing just as fast!

We understand that some of the fishing trips booked on our site may just be down the street from your house… but not everyone is that lucky. Often our dream fish lurks far, far away and requires extensive planning and preparation to make the most of the trip. To ensure end-to-end customer satisfaction we believe that we should be a part of your travel plans as well as your fishing plans.

Custom Trip Planning

If we were to ask 100 people… “what is your ultimate fishing adventure?”, we would get 100 different trips. To some it may be beach front at a tropical resort fly fishing for bonefish to others it could be flying in a float plane to a remote fishing river deep in Alaska. What lies at the heart of both scenarios is someone’s personal idea of successful trip. We turn dream fishing trips into reality.

Whatever the vision is, we can make it happen. There is no such thing as too simple or too complex, come to us with ideas and we will take it from there.

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