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Los Buzos in Cambutal (Los Santos), Panama

If you are looking for a fishing trip where you can target over 20 different species in a single trip, swim alongside humpbacks and eat fresh fish every single night… with ummm free beer. Los Buzos in Cambutal-Panama offers kayak and panga anglers alike a unique opportunity to target big pelagic fish within sight of the lodge. Fully rigged Hobie fishing kayaks and some of the craziest kayak fishing we have ever seen makes this place a premier place to kayak fish.

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4/27/19 – 5/03/19
5/11/19 – 5/17/19
6/01/19 – 6/07/19

Trip Price

Trips start at $1,750 with a deposit of $875 required upon reservation.

*Payment plans available.

Popular Target Species

* Roosterfish
* Yellowfin tuna
* Cubera snapper
* Pacific sailfish
* Amberjack
* Colorado snapper
* Dorado
* Broomtail grouper

You’ll have five (5) fishing days while at Los Buzos complete with fully rigged Hobie fishing kayaks, incredible fishing guides, meals with top notch dinners and get this… unlimited beer.

Most anglers arrive the night before (Friday) the bus ride to Los Buzos. Guests usually stay at Hotel Milan in Panama City. On Saturday around 10:00 AM everyone will get on the chartered bus and head to Los Buzos. It is a long bus ride with multiple stops for bathroom breaks, lunch and grocery shopping. Guests are able to purchase snacks, beer, wine and booze for the ride and for the week. You will arrive at Los Buzos in the late afternoon and will then unpack and begin gearing up for five (5) straight days of fishing. The bus will be back for you on Friday and will take everyone back to Hotel Milan in Panama City. Most people fly out the next day (Saturday) as there are more flight options.

Custom trip options are available including Panama City tours, Panama Canal tours, adventures, Peacock bass fishing and night life.

Important: These trips require at least 6 anglers for the trip to be a go.

The Kayak Fishing Championship tournament series is designed to seek out the best 12 kayak anglers from around the globe and face them off against each other on equal footing – at one of the best offshore kayak angling locations in the world.

Panama Qualifier Events 1 through 4 – $2,500 grand prize winner take all
Grand Championship – $10,000 grand prize winner take all
Black Marlin Challenge – $2,500 to first Marlin during series under tournament guidelines

Qualifier Entry Fee
The normal cost of the trip is also your entry fee. No additional fees required to compete in the qualifier.

Contact Fish Village for more details.

Trip Cost

Trips start at $1,750 per person for five (5) days of fishing

*Payment plans available.


$875 deposit required to secure your trip.

Additional costs

Be prepared for a $45 per night hotel fee while in Panama City, most guests stay a total of two nights in Panama City (one night in the beginning of the trip and one night at the end of the trip). This is paid directly to the hotel while you are in Panama City.

Panga fishing / mothershipping via panga

It is an additional $150 per person per day for panga fishing or mothershipping via a panga. You can pre-purchase panga trips when you pay off the balance of the trip or you can purchase trips while on-site (cash only).


* Roundtrip transportation to and from city
* 6 nights lodging at Los Buzos
* 5 days fishing with Hobie fishing kayaks
* Meals included while at Los Buzos
* Beer

Not Included

* Airfare to Panama City
* Transportation to and from airport
* Hotel while in Panama City
* Meals/dinners while in Panama City
* Wine or liquor
* Live bait
* Tips

Refund Policy

We do not issue refunds for these trips. We will try to move the date if we have at least 40 days notice, but there are no guarantees.

Dry season

The dry season is from early Jan – early May which brings heat and next to no rain. You can expect sunny and clear skies just about every day during the dry season. The dry season brings Corvina and Snook to the coastal waters of Panama.

Wet season

The wet season is from the middle of May thru the end of summer. During this season you can expect showers and epic fishing. The surrounding forests will be green and full and the ocean will be dealing ego checks to first time visitors just the same as in the dry season. The Los Buzos fishery does not hold grudges, but she will kick your butt like she is mad at you.

Terminal Tackle

Your first instinct will be to bring everything, don’t, it isn’t necessary. You won’t need a lot of weights, so leave a lot of that at home. Bring lots of jigs, surface lures and plenty of leader line. Classic lures such as bucktails work well in the shallow inshore waters.

When fishing for big fish using live bait or fresh dead bait in Panama, it is best to fish using some stout gear. Come prepared or you will be beat up, chewed up and spit out by the very game you are targeting.

Live Bait Setup

We fish a Shimano Trinidad 20 star drag reel paired with a stout Shimano Terez 6’6 ft. rod built for 100-200 lb braid. Our reel is loaded with 80 lb braid and a 50 ft mono topshot.

Suggested Specs

Drag: 25 lbs +
Backing: 80 lbs +
Topshot: 100 lbs mono +
Leader: 100 lbs +

Fish Village Tip: Pre-make multiple 10 ft 100 lb fluoro leaders with a barrel swivel on on end and a 10/0 3 x hook on the other end. We use Owner Super Mutu 10/0 hooks for our setups.

Catching Live Bait (Setup)

We fish a Shimano Saragosa 6000 spinning reel with 50 lb braid and 3 ft 40 lb fluoro leader paired with an inshore spinning fishing rod. You will need enough power to yoke in 5-10 lb skipjack tuna and blue runners.

Jigging Setup

We fish a Shimano Saragosa 8000 spinning setup paired with a Shimano Tremar jigging rods built for 80-150 lb braid. Our reel is loaded with 65 lb braid topped with a 5-7 ft 60 lb fluoro leader.

Suggested Specs

Drag: 25 lbs +
Backing: 60 lbs +
Leader: 60 lbs +

Plan on bringing heavy jigs 200-300 grams for fast moving currents and smaller jigs for shallower water and slower drop rates 80-150 grams. If you do not trust your jig hooks, upgrade before you head down. Flutter jigs, flat falls, slow jigs, knife jigs, heavy yo/yo irons all work well.

Popping/Surface Setup

We fish a Shimano Saragosa 10000 spinning setup paired with a stout Shimano Terez 7’0 ft. rod built for 100-200 lb braid. Our reel is loaded with 80 lb braid topped with a 5-7 ft 80 lb fluoro leader.

Suggested Specs

Drag: 30 lbs +
Backing: 80 lbs +
Leader: 80 lbs +

We use Halco 135 and 160 sized poppers. You can fish anything you want, just don’t fish small sized poppers… they like em big down there.

Have questions, aren’t sure, afraid we might bite??? Send us an email and let us know you are interested in heading to Los Buzos in Panama. We know there is a lot to consider and we understand that you will probably have a lot of questions. We are here to help.

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