Trip Page: San Clemente Island Kayak Fishing Mothership Trip

2.5 day kayak mothership trip aboard the 88' Islander M/V to San Clemente Island

San Clemente Island is a haven for big trophy calico bass, like the one you have been chasing. In normal conditions, the island produces too many 5 lb.+ calico bass to count with some serious brutes in the mix. The island isn’t just for the bass nuts, there is quality yellowtail fishing, rockfishing, sheephead and doormat sized halibut.

Every year Fish Village runs multiple multi-day kayak mothership trips out to the island. These trips run in June every year and are a big hit with our customers. To ensure that you get on the list, please join our mailing list.

Recent Trip News

Trip Dates

6/13/19 – 6/16/19 SOLD OUT
6/20/19 – 6/23/19 SOLD OUT
6/27/19 – 6/30/19 SOLD OUT

Trip Price

$750 for early bookings or $775 after 1/15/19. $300 deposit due upon booking.

U.S. Passport NOT required.

Popular Target Species

* Calico bass
* Halibut
* Yellowtail
* Lingcod
* Assorted rockfish

Come fish San Clemente Island with Fish Village and our kayak fishing friends. You will spend two (2) full days fishing the island for big halibut, sheephead and trophy calico bass. The Islander crew caters to kayak anglers better than any outfit we have ever worked with. No joke, you can get a beer delivered while on a yak 60 miles offshore.

Typical Itinerary

* Thursday 6:00 PM – Begin loading up the Islander with our gear
* Thursday 8:00 PM – Depart Fisherman’s Landing
* Friday sunrise – Eat breakfast and launch
* Friday lunch – Come in and eat lunch or have the skiff deliver lunch
* Friday evening – Come in, shower and eat a delicious dinner
* Friday evening (later) – Ensue shenanigans
* Saturday – Repeat Friday’s schedule
* Sunday sunrise – Arrive at Fisherman’s landing

Trip Cost

$750 for early bookings or $775 after 1/15/19.

Angler must supply their own kayak. Fish Village does NOT rent kayaks for this trip.


$300 deposit required to secure your trip.

Checks or bank transfers are accepted for this trip. If a credit card payment is required, we will charge a 3% service fee to cover merchant processing fees.

Beer (Honor System)

You can help yourself to beer while you are on the boat, but you will need to settle your bill before you can get off the boat. Cash only.


* 3 nights lodging aboard the Islander
* 2 full days of fishing
* Meals included on fishing days
* Live bait

Not Included

* Dinner on departure day
* Breakfast on arrival day
* Filet service
* State fishing license
* Beer
* Tips

Refund Policy

We do not issue refunds for cancellations. We will try to find you a replacement so that you are not out any money, but there are no guarantees that we will find a replacement.


This is a BYOK Bring Your Own Kayak trip. Unfortunately, Hobie Pro Anglers or any similiar wide format kayaks are not allowed due size constraints of an 88 ft boat with 22 kayak anglers and their gear.

All kayaks must be stripped down with nothing dangling or unsafe on the kayak when you hand it off to the crew of the Islander. All kayak carts and wheels must be stored in their vehicles to eliminate un-necessary clutter on deck.

Mandatory Safety Gear

* Waterproof handheld VHF radio
* Distress whistle

Do Not Bring

* Beer or coolers

Kayak Accessories

A word of advice, put your name on everything or put some sort of marking on it that clearly identifies it as yours. Many of you will have a black paddle, a MirageDrive and a Hobie chair… so please mark everything.

We recommend that once they grab your gear, head aboard and organize it so that you know where everything is AND that everything made it aboard.


You can charge your electronics in your stateroom as long as you bring a power strip with a sturdy plug. You will have enough power to charge VHF radios, fish finder batteries and bait tank batteries.

Fishing Gear

We fish Daiwa Lexa 300 and 400 series baitcasting reels paired with Phenix M1 Inshore casting rods for the majority of our target species at San Clemente Island. Most of our setups range from the 50-65 lb braid backing with a short 2-3 ft 20-30 lb fluoro leader.

We fish a Shimano Saragosa 6000 spinning setup paired with a Shimano Tremar jigging rods. Our reel is loaded with 65 lb braid topped with a 5-7 ft 40 lb fluoro leader.

You will want to bring gear with at least 30 lb braid backing with a 3-4 ft 20-30 lb fluoro leader.

If you like to jig, you will need 80-200 gram jigs. Flutter jigs, flat falls, slow jigs, knife jigs, heavy yo/yo irons all work well.

At this time we are only running these trips during the month of June (annually). We can arrange different destinations if the demand is there, so please don’t be shy in requesting trips.



Jackpot is an optional friendly contest for largest fish caught on the trip. You can opt-in when you sign-up in the galley when you first get on board.


Only fish caught by kayak and confirmed by a crew member will be considered for the daily jackpot. No fish caught aboard the Islander will be considered for the daily jackpot.

Biggest fish on each day. Sharks and rays do not count.

Meet and Departure Location

This is the location where you will meet up with your Fish Village chartermaster and fellow anglers. Most people arrive a couple of hours early, load gear into carts and then grab a bite to eat at Mitch’s Seafood right there in the harbor while they wait for the loading call.

Wanna book, have questions, aren’t sure, afraid we might bite??? Send us an email and let us know you are interested in heading to San Clemente Island aboard the Islander M/V. We know there is a lot to consider and we understand that you will probably have a lot of questions. We are here to help.

San Clemente Island Photo Gallery