Fish Village Tournaments

Fishing can be competitive, whether it be against yourself or your good buddy who always seems to catch a bigger fish than you. Fish Village enjoys that competition, we enjoy it so much that we look to create opportunities for anglers to catch more fish than their fellow anglers. So we started Fish Village Tournaments and the rest was history.

Currently, Fish Village is focusing on the kayak fishing industry because we have a personal vested interest in growing the sport of kayak fishing. As our company grows we will expand into other segments of the industry by offering a variety of niche tournaments ranging from fly fishing tournaments, to offshore tournaments, to freshwater bucket mouth bass tournaments.

In 2017, Fish Village along with Pure Watersports and iAngler Tournament will be offering the Sierras 2 the Sea Kayak Fishing Tournament Series. This series is comprised of three stops (La Jolla, Crowley Lake and Dana Point) offering three different types of fishing.

Click here to learn more about the Sierras 2 the Sea Kayak Fishing Tournament Series.

We are also working on a multi-stop Saltwater Kayak Series based out of California with potential for Oregon and Washington participation. Realistic time frame for new series is 2018.

Fish Village Sponsored Tournaments

The following tournaments are not managed by Fish Village. Fish Village contributes swag, marketing material, volunteer hours and/or cash in exchange for mentions and marketing opportunities.

Hunting and Fishing Depot’s Kakalacky Classic Kayak Tournament Series – Website

March 1-31
April 1-30
May 1-31
June 1-30
July 1-31