Fish Profiles: Leopard Shark

Leopard Shark

Leopard sharks are one of our favorite things to catch out on the West Coast simply because they are so darn cool to look at. They are formidable foes, they will tear up your gear but landing a nice one and snagging some pics makes it all worth it. They are easy to find… find the sandy flats and you will find leopards. They roam the coastal waters in around halibut grounds, rocks and kep forests.



Upwards of 40-60 lbs.

60 inches common
80 inches max


Family Tree

Fish Family
Sharks (Houndsharks)

Scientific Names
Triakis semifasciata

Natural Food, Bait and Techniques

* Mackerel
* Squid
* Sardines
* Chunkbait
* Dropper Loop Fishing

Leopard Shark Fishing Trips