Destination Profiles: San Clemente Island, CA

San Clemente Island

San Clemente Island is a haven for big trophy calico bass, like the one you have been chasing. In normal conditions, the island produces too many 5 lb.+ calico bass to count with some serious brutes in the mix. The island isn’t just for the bass nuts, there is quality yellowtail fishing, rockfishing, sheephead and doormat sized halibut.

Every year Fish Village runs multiple multi-day kayak mothership trips out to the island. These trips run in June every year and are a big hit with our customers. To ensure that you get on the list, please join our mailing list.


* Yellowtail
* Calico bass
* Halibut


* Live Squid Fishing
* Deep Water Jigging
* Kayak Mothership Trips

Fun Facts

* The U.S. Military runs the island ‘Merica’.
* Things go boom there at night.
* When the squid are there, fishing can be unreal.