Destination Profiles: Palm Beach, FL

Palm Beach, Florida

If you are into kayak fishing for epic fish with one of the best guides in the country… well then Palm Beach-Florida is your kind of place. We offer some of the best guided kayak fishing trips money can buy with our very own Brian Nelli of Pushin’ Water Kayak Charters. If lasso’n a sailfish seems pretty exciting or catching an exotic peacock bass in the back canals of Florida.


* Sailfish
* Kingfish
* Peacock bass


* Reef/Wreck Fishing
* Trolling Live Bait
* Canal Fishing

Fun Facts

* The coconut palm is not native to Florida.
* The coconuts in Palm Beach are due to the shipwreck of the Spanish ship Providencia in 1878. The legend suggests that some coconuts were salvaged from the shipwreck and were eventually planted and would later be named Palm Beach.