Destination Profiles: Cambutal, Panama

Cambutal, Panama

If you are looking for a fishing trip where you can target over 20 different species in a single trip, swim alongside humpbacks and eat fresh fish every single night… with ummm free beer. Los Buzos in Cambutal-Panama offers kayak and panga anglers alike a unique opportunity to target big pelagic fish within sight of the lodge. Fully rigged Hobie fishing kayaks makes this place a premier place to kayak fish.


* Roosterfish
* Yellowfin tuna
* Sailfish


* Kayak Fishing
* Panga Fishing
* Deep Water Jigging

Fun Facts

* No more than 600 people live in and around Cambutal.
* Watch-out for sea snakes – yozza!
* Los Buzos is staffed with full-time guides and works with guest guides.