Pro Staff

As one might expect, it takes a village to make this dream of ours a reality. Our village ambassadors have been hand selected to represent our brand. Fish Village stands with this group of characters and is proud to represent them. We look forward to sharing some of your best fishing moments with our customers throughout the year.


Mike Ponce (Team Captain)

Home: Diamond Bar, California
Primary Fishing Grounds: Dana Point, California
Specialties: Kayak fishing, trip planning and getting people pumped about kayak fishing.
Sponsors: Hobie Fishing, Pure Watersports, Reebs Lures
Quote: … insert profanity

Robert Field

Home: Traveling Vagabond
Primary Fishing Grounds: Varies
Specialties: Kayak fishing, video production and getting into epic mischief.
Sponsors: NRS, Fish Brain
Quote: “Same-same, but different”

Brian Nelli

Home: Palm Beach, Florida
Primary Fishing Grounds: Treasure Coast, Florida
Specialties: Kayak fishing, guided fishing and tournament angler.
Sponsors: SeaLime Lures, D.O.A., Laguna Costa, Breakline Polarized
Quote: “Scoop” and “Double-scoop”

Charlie Wardle

Home: Carlsbad California
Primary Fishing Grounds: La Jolla, California
Specialties: Kayak fishing, guiding and everyone’s favorite comedian.
Sponsors: Hobie Fishing, Pure Watersports
Quote: “My best pictures are with a burlap sack covering my head”

Tommy Ponce

Home: Chino Hills, California
Primary Fishing Grounds: Dana Point, California
Specialties: Kayak fishing, guiding and ninja fisherman.
Sponsors: Hobie Fishing, Pure Watersports, ReebsLures
Quote: “Smell my finger”