A Little More About Us

A Little More About Us

Fish Village is comprised of a few owners and a village of contributors and helpers that make this a reality.

Mike and Joe are at the helm… two knuckleheads from Southern California who love data, technology, fishing and a good problem to figure out.

Our supporting cast includes their wives and a few more people that we won’t mention to protect their innocence. We have people that help us from time to time and people that we count on regularly. All we can say is that we are blessed.

Mike (Founder, Chief Strategist)

Mike has been working on this baby of his called Fish Village since 2006 when it was nothing more than an idea. Over the years the idea evolved into more than idea, it turned into a full fledged business that makes hundreds of anglers happy year after year.

Mike’s background as a business analyst, data analyst and traveling angler has helped transform Fish Village into a satisfying experience for many anglers looking for something different, something unique.

Joe (Technology and Marketing)

Joe joined Fish Village in early 2016 and has helped us get a handle on our marketing strategies and social media campaigns so that we can continue to increase our reach. His contributions has led to record growth in social media following and ultimately to more customers booking trips for epic vacations.

His pedigree includes a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from La Verne University in Southern California with professional focus in technology. His education and professional experience has led to technology advances and efficient systems here at Fish Village.