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Head to for a new user experience

Over the past months we have been asking our customers what they liked about Fish Village and what we could do better. Fortunately for us, you seem to like what we are doing and how we do it… but it appears that you all want more information about the trips we sell such as sample itineraries, breakdown of cost and fishing gear information. Roger that folks… we have heard you and we are making changes.

Today we released an updated site that focuses on trips and we removed our trips from our e-store. We know that 90% of you out there aren’t going to buy a fishing trip because it is in a nice box on a website. Most won’t spend a penny until they are confident in their decision. We aim to close that gap and provide you with as much information as possible before you commit to a trip.

So the homepage gets straight to the point, looks nice, shows you some of our top trips and our most recent posts. The biggest change is that we have added a Trips section to the main menu. The trips section will list all of our trips, trip information, trip payment information and trip related news.

So come check it out, stay awhile and find that next fishing trip you have been dying to go on. #fishyourdream