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Pure Watersports and Fish Village team up at the Fred Hall Show

Our partnership with Tim and Karen Boyer owners of Pure Watersports in southern California began 6 years ago at the annual Fred Hall Show in Long Beach.

I was in the market to buy kayaks for the first time and I had already done my homework. I went to the Fred Hall Show knowing that there would be deals and I could see them all at once. I walked into Tim’s booth and started looking around… one thing led to another and I found myself trying to hand Tim a handful of cash to buy some kayaks. He refused my money…. he felt that it wasn’t fair to myself that I hadn’t tried the kayaks out yet so he scheduled some time for my brother and I to come down to Dana Point and give the fleet a whirl. He wanted to make sure that I knew exactly which kayak I wanted to ensure my satisfaction. That experience set the tone for our relationship going forward.

Since then our professional relationship has grown into a successful partnership that genuinely benefits each other. This years Fred Hall Show in Long Beach is where our partnership will be put on display the most… Tim has generously offered to share his Hobie showcase booth with Fish Village so that we can draw as many kayak enthusiasts into our booth as possible. With his support we have attracted one of kayak fishing biggest personalities Jon Jon Tabon from Maui and Discovery Channel’s Pacific Warriors to work with us during the show.

At the show our combined booth will be offering Hobie kayak information and sales, Hobie accessories, Hobie demos, kayak fishing travel seminars, kayak fishing travel sales and kayak fishing tournament information and registration and special guests Jon Jon Tabon of Maui and Robert Field of YakFish TV and Fish Village Media.

Come on down we’d love to meet you.