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Robert Field visits Fish Village

Last month we had the privilege of spending a few days with Robert Field of YakFishTV while he was on his first leg of his month long, 4,000 mile journey across the western United States. We started out by fishing Dana Point for Robert’s first shot at saltwater bass and leopard sharks.

Robert Field with a calico bass at the Pipe out of Dana Point, CA. Photo credit: Mike Ponce

Before we could start fishing we had to convince ourselves to get up. Alarms blow… especially after driving for 2 days, enjoying some good California craft brews and eating shitty ass tacos. We managed to get it together, get on the water and head north to fish the Headlands and Strands area.

Robert quickly found success by hooking up to a calico bass while I kept connecting with big ass mackerel and barracuda… the bottom line is that I put Robert onto fish, nevermind that I suck. Unfortunately they weren’t good sized bass despite Robert proclaiming a 10 lb bass the night before… If the day ended here I think I would have been disappointed because I knew we could find bigger fish to play with us. So we moved on…

Robert with a nice La Jolla yellowtail. Photo credit: Kevin Nakada
Robert with a nice La Jolla yellowtail. Photo credit: Kevin Nakada

After our mile long stroll from the Headlands area to the surf zone outside of Doheny we began targeting leopard sharks, one of Robert’s bucket list fish. Normally we could get in tight and close to shore but the good folks of Doheny were having the world’s largest paddle board contest right smack in the middle of our preferred fishing zone… so we made the best of it. The water was really dirty and discolored making it ripe for a leopard to feast on on a mack. Robert worked the dirty/clean water line for a bit and nabbed a sexy juvenile leopard shark. The colors on this leopard were pronounced making the experience that much cooler for Robert.

What a day… day one in California treated him right and we were stoked to be a part of it. We enjoyed a nice dinner at Jimmy’s before rounding out the night with a couple fingers of fine 18 year old scotch. Let’s just say that we rested well that night… we earned it. With a gentlemen’s late start the next day we targeted bigger bass at the Pipe, one of Dana’s fishing spots. I continued to catch more barracuda and mackerel while Robert landed a couple of better quality calico bass. At this point he started to get cocky…

Robert with a beautiful sheephead. Photo credit: Kevin Nakada
Robert with a beautiful sheephead. Photo credit: Kevin Nakada

Robert’s journey continued with the Sea Samurai in SoCal’s favorite marine fishery, La Jolla targeting fall yellowtail and chunky sheephead. Kevin Nakada never disappoints as he found a way to turn a horrible live bait situation into multiple yellowtail hookups including a nice 20 pounder. The following day was all about sheephead and sheephead was what they got. Robert was stoked to land a beautiful sheephead ripe with red and black colors. What a great way to start a trip, 4 consecutive days of fishing with 4 consecutive days of catching!

We had a blast hosting Robert for a few days and look forward to our next opportunity to fish with him wherever that may be… we know where we will be fishing, ya’ll (like Robert says) just have to wait!