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SCI Kayak Mothership Trip: 6/24/16 Pyramid Cove and Frontside

Rise and shine to some delicious banana nut pancakes with couple of pieces of sausage. As always, Rick whips up meals that never disappoint.

Captain John told us that we had until 10:30 to get back to the boat before he would have to move us away from Pyramid Cove to the frontside. So we got out there as early as we could and started dropping iron at about 100 ft. of water to hook up immediately to yellowtail, bonito and schools of calicos.

I scored a decent 5-6 lb bass with a surface iron at about mid-column within 20 minutes of launching… Dawson Ryba (son of Mike Ryba of Reebs Lures) was quick to hookup to a 5-6 lb calico bass on a blue and white Reebs surface iron. The day started off just right… so I thought.

A couple of hours into the fishing I hear my Dad call out my name, except when I turn around all I see is an upside kayak and a soggy father. Fortunately he wasn’t physically hurt, just frustrated that he lost some gear. This could have been worse… thank goodness it wasn’t.

We make our move for the frontside where the Captain tells us the calico bass fishing has been on fire. We all took turns at pulling on decent sized bass, halibut and yellowtail. As always the fishery turns on like a light switch at dusk or once the island starts to cast a shadow. 30 fish in 40 mins… another fun day at San Clemente Island.

Congrats to jackpot (day 1) winner Tim Boyer with a nice halibut.