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We have made it easier on you to find the places that you want to go fishing. Simply click on the links below to drive you to your next fishing trip. Each link will give you the trips available for that specific location. Soon we will be adding details about each fishing location such as the types of fish you can catch, the seasons, trips available and more.

United States

International Destinations


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Sometimes a trip pops out of you simply because you looked at it from a different perspective. That was our thinking when we built this section, we wanted to present our trips in a different fashion allowing for a more direct approach to trip searching.

Guided Fishing Trips

Hire your own personal guide or outfitter service for a more hands on approach to fishing.

Private Charter Trips

Have a small group? Want to charter your own sportfishing boat and captain for the day?

Open Party Trips

Fish Village sponsored trips that are open to the public for booking.

Custom Trips

Trips are designed specifically for you based on the fishing adventure that you describe to us.

Kayak Fishing Trips

Unique kayak fishing adventures for the fastest growing segment in all of fishing.

Lodge Based Trips

Our selection of Lodge based trips in some of the most beautiful remote locations.

As you already know, there are many ways to catch a fish… well there are just as many ways to find your perfect fishing trip. We thought that it would be a nice feature if you could find trips based on a specific target species such as yellowtail, sailfish or bluefin tuna.


Fish Type: Amberjack
Waters: Coastal, Islands
Top Fisheries: La Jolla, San Diego, Cedros Island (Mexico), Loreto (Mexico)

Yellowfin tuna

Fish Type: Tuna
Waters: Offshore
Top Fisheries: Cambutal (Panama), Cedros Island (Mexico)


Fish Type: Billfish
Waters: Offshore
Top Fisheries: Palm Beach (FL), Pompano Beach (FL), Loreto (Mexico), Maui

Leopard shark

Fish Type: Shark (Houndshark)
Waters: Coastal, Islands
Top Fisheries: La Jolla, San Diego, Dana Point

Bluefin tuna

Fish Type: Tuna
Waters: Offshore
Top Fisheries: San Diego


Fish Type: Nematistiidae
Waters: Coastal, Islands
Top Fisheries: Loreto (Mexico), East Cape (Mexico), Cambutal (Panama)

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