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We are here to help you find and book your next fishing adventure. We have a growing catalog of trips and it is our goal to build the largest online collection of niche fishing trips on the planet. We aim to connect anglers with their desired fishing experience whether that be catching yellowtail at Cedros Island, catching monster Cubera snapper in Panama or learning how to fish in our local waters.

If you don’t find what you are looking for within our online catalog, please do not hesitate to contact us to learn about what connections we have in place. If you are looking into a place where we have nothing, we will gladly help free of charge just to expand our offering in the future.


Los Buzos (Panama)

If kayak fishing for monster fish at a place worthy of the nickname Jurassic Park sounds like a good time to you then you might want to click on the button below. Learn about how you can be fishing against 11 other anglers for $2,500 and qualify for the Kayak Fishing Championship in January 2019 where you could win $10,000.

Trips start at $1,750 for 1 angler
Deposit $875

Loreto (Baja Mexico)

Pangas and Baja go hand in hand… well how about pangas and kayaks? If that sounds interesting to you, you might like what we have to offer. We are the exclusive home to kayak fishing via panga mothership in Loreto, Mexico. We partnered with Baja Peninsula Adventure Tours to offer complete packages for kayak and panga anglers alike.

Trips start at $1,995 for two anglers
Deposit $750

San Clemente Island Kayak Mothership Trip

Do you fish the same area all the time and want to get out there and try something different? Then you might like our kayak mothership trip to San Clemente Island. This trip is a big hit within the kayak fishing community and we would love for you to join us. Full service in the galley and on deck by an amazing crew, makes for an epic trip.

Trip Price $750
Deposit $250

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A Look Back At 2018

A whirlwind of emotion has taken over me as I sit down and reflect on 2018. As a goal oriented person, I am driven by goals and objectives. This helps me stay focused and keep me on track. In the beginning of the year I challenged myself to connect with more people, get out and […]

We added another San Clemente Island kayak mothership trip to the 2018 schedule

We are so excited to announce that we are adding a third San Clemente Island kayak mothership trip to the 2018 spring schedule due to popular demand. When two trips carrying a total of 44 anglers doesn’t satisfy the masses, you know you got something special going on. We have received inquiries from Montana, Florida, […]

Head to FishVillage.com for a new user experience

Over the past months we have been asking our customers what they liked about Fish Village and what we could do better. Fortunately for us, you seem to like what we are doing and how we do it… but it appears that you all want more information about the trips we sell such as sample […]

2018 Fishing with Friends dates are out

We are excited to announce the 2018 dates for the Fishing with Friends tournament series. This fun series is simple and a perfect place to test your competitive spirit without having to get too serious about a tournament event. Come on down and enjoy the fun with us. Fish Village often has more than one […]

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